Jonathan Rogers Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The Jonathan Rogers Water Treatment Plant Expansion was a three year project developed to increase the original plant’s capacity from 40 million gallons per day to 60 million gallons per day.

Key project features included:

  • Two duplicate 10 MGD trains were added to the existing four treatment trains.
  • Expanded and/or modified treatment processes included: pond pre-sedimentation; pre-treatment ozonation; coagulant and polymer aided sedimentation; pre-filter ozonation; granular activated carbon filtration; and clearwell disinfection.
  • The following ancillary systems were also expanded to add 20 MGD more flow: screw pump at influent pump station, ozone distribution piping and off-gas destruct system, polymer and coagulant aid facilities, sludge pump station, pre-filtration pump station, and finished water pumping to distribution system.
  • The instrumentation and controls system was updated to integrate the new treatment trains with the existing system for increased operator control, treatment optimization, and system troubleshooting.