Paseo Rael WWTP Anaerobic Digesters

The work consists of the construction of 2 new anaerobic digesters, associated equipment building, power cogeneration equipment including biogas conditioning system, and the installation of a new belt filter press. The digesters produce biogas which is fed into the cogeneration system which runs two 220KW engines whose electrical output is combined with an existing photovoltaic system to provide a clean, renewable power source for the entire plant (i.e. the plant will get all its power needs from the sun and its own process bi-product). The project includes reinforced structural concrete, steel digester covers, masonry, precast concrete roof, miscellaneous metals, process equipment, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation and controls, painting, demolition of existing concrete structures, excavation, backfill, yard piping, sidewalks and asphalt.