Pueblo of Isleta Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility

The Pueblo of Isleta Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility was designed and conceived to provide a place where tribal elders could be taken care of in their elder years in an environment that maintains their cultural and traditional beliefs. The complex consists of two separate buildings, each approximately 16,000 sf. One houses the Pueblo’s Elder Care community support programs, including daily meal services, classes, exercise classes and sport activities, and an Adult Day Care facility. The 2nd building houses 20 individual apartments, 10 in the Assisted Living portion, the other 10 in Memory Care. The floor plan for each side is designed for community living, where the residents share a large living room, and kitchen facility, encouraging social contact and support. Both buildings remind their elderly residents of their traditional homes, with multiple kiva fireplaces, natural viga and latilla ceilings, beautiful acrylic plaster finished walls, residential style aluminum clad wood windows and doors. The project also included a geothermal heat pump mechanical system.