Baca Dlo'ay azhi Community School

The Baca Dlo’ Ay Azhi Consolidated Replacement School was designed to address and reflect the important cultural elements of the Navajo Nation. The school’s design was circular with four quadrants extending out from a central core. Each quadrant is sited along the north/south or the east/west axes and represents one of the four cardinal directions. The end of each quadrant is designed to bring nature and the outside world into the facility: Large expanses of glass allow natural light to flow into the building and provide beautiful views towards each cardinal direction point and towards the colorful native xeric landscaping.The walls of most of the school’s spaces radiate from the central core of the building either by pointing back to the center of the facility or outward in concentric circles. The administration/health/special programs wing is designed as an abstracted feather motif. The school was the first LEED Certified project in the State of New Mexico.