New Mexico School for the Deaf – Dillon Hall Phase II

Phase II of the Dillon Hall project for the NM School for the Deaf consisted of a new single-story building featuring library and exhibit spaces. The project also included the demolition of a 16,000sf single-story building and improvements to an existing basement space with site improvements such as paving, fencing and landscaping.

The project was located in the center of the NM School for the Deaf campus. Due to the special needs of the students, extra care has was taken to ensure their safety such as the use of flags and other safety items specifically tailored for the needs of their students.

“As with most new school construction and renovation efforts, it is often necessary to undertake the construction while classes are in session, while at the same time maintaining the everyday function of the campus. [The Construction Superintendent’s] daily efforts helped to guarantee that there was never any disruption of the education process as well as assuring the day-to-day operation of administrative staff, and the various aspects of our boarding school campus and public performing arts theater.”

Harold Moya, Planning and Projects Manager
New Mexico School for the Deaf