O.G. Bradbury, a trained carpenter and millwright, began O.G. Bradbury, Contractor in 1923. Our first commercial/public job was the Highland Park Bandstand in Albuquerque, NM. Following work with the Army Corps of Engineers during World War II, O.G. Bradbury’s son-in-law, Robert Stamm, joined the company. Stamm was named partner and the company incorporated, changing its name to Bradbury & Stamm Construction Company, Inc. The company continued to grow with the surrounding community, gaining a reputation for stability, impeccable integrity, and a dedication to quality.

In 1978, the company transferred ownership to James King who had been mentored by Robert Stamm. In the 80s and 90s, Bradbury Stamm grew rapidly to become the largest contractor in New Mexico. In 2010, Cynthia K. Schultz, daughter of James King, took over the company and leads the company as CEO.

Today, Bradbury Stamm's New Mexico Office remains committed to staying ahead of the changing market, new technologies, products, safety and building trends. Our firm continues to build on the foundations of integrity, dependability, and quality that O.G. Bradbury laid for us in 1923.