Community Impact

Established by our founders O.G. Bradbury and Robert Stamm and reinforced through each generation of leadership, our firm and our associates believe in supporting the communities where we work. From philanthropic efforts to civic and community involvement, the Bradbury Stamm Team can be seen throughout the communities we serve. This dedication to supporting local communities is furthered by our continued efforts to buy and hire local whenever possible.

While our associates and current owners remain active in supporting the community, following the past and current example of Bob and Florrie Stamm and Jim and Ellen King, we believe that our full time associates should be involved in directing our internal corporate giving.

The Bradbury Stamm Giving Campaign

At Bradbury Stamm, we take a collective impact approach to our giving by giving fewer, larger donations that make a bigger difference in the communities where we work. We also believe in collective input by engaging interested team members to participate in shaping our charitable giving direction and activities.

How it Works

Each year, Bradbury Stamm's Giving Committee reviews the charitable funds available to be distributed in the following year and surveys interested employees to select priority grant areas for that year’s grant(s). Interest areas may include Health; Human Services (basic needs including hunger, housing); Economic & Workforce Development and/or Education. The committee also takes into account the location of the grant applicants to aid in our commitment to support the areas where we work. The committee then selects finalists and presents them to interested team members who vote to select the nonprofit(s) to be funded. At the end of the year, our team is invited to a company meeting to learn from the recipients how the donations were spent and who benefited.

Our policy is to give to 501(c)(3) organizations (federally tax exempt nonprofit organizations) not to individuals or religious organizations unless they are providing a specific program which is not affected by their religious nature. Donations will only be given directly to the involved entity, not through purchased programs of for profit entities. Small contributions may be made outside of the Giving Campaign program when appropriate.

Click here to submit request for charitable donation or sponsorship. Please note that Bradbury Stamm teams with the Albuquerque Community Foundation to assist with vetting of potential recipients when available. Please note used vehicle donation requests may also be made.