T’Iists’Oozi’Bi’Olta School

The T’Iists’Oozi’Bi’Olta (Crownpoint) Community School is a K-8 Navajo school. The school contains a 26,609 sq. ft. dormitory residence, which includes living rooms, restrooms/showers, study rooms, activity rooms, and dormitory rooms for two students each. There's also an 85,172 sq. ft. educational building with a capacity for 900 students. This sizeable building includes multiple classrooms segregated by grade and other rooms dedicated to special education, science, and art. There's also an administration area, media center, gym, kitchen, and dining room. The project includes a 1,326 sq. ft. central plant building, an elevated water tank, and significant site work.

Crownpoint, NM

110,135 sf

US Army Corps of Engineers