The UNM IDTC included three separate projects under one contract: First floor renovation of the department of emergency medicine, Second floor center for molecular discovery and Third floor training complex. The building houses high-tech research laboratories, classrooms, emergency medical facilities, lecture halls, and offices.

The building formerly housed the Office of the Medical Investigator for the State of New Mexico, and four other departments. The building had been vacant with minimal to no heating or cooling for nearly 3 years when the Bradbury Stamm team began working on the facility. The building was in rough shape with damage throughout from the removal of furniture, as well as extensive odors and apparent mold and other contaminants in many areas. Our Safety Director and team quickly mobilized to evaluate the hazards and began working to mitigate them. All contaminated areas were removed and disposed of properly and personnel training on identifying other potential issues, etc. (HEPA vacuums; damp wiping; microfiber cloths).