Kirtland/Shiprock PACs

Constructed simultaneously, the Performing Arts Centers are identical except for the exterior and interior colors which were designed to match the respective colors of each school. The auditoriums each have a seating capacity of 799. Gypsum board “clouds” are suspended above the seating to accommodate the acoustic requirements of the theater. Theatrical lighting, sound, screens and curtains are provided at the stage, to support the various programs and events that may be held. A control booth located at the top of the seating is the central point from which all these systems are managed. The stage towers up to nearly 70-feet above grade, making the building one of the tallest in the community. Behind the stage are dressing rooms, costume storage and make-up room. Having nearly 17-feet of clearance, another space provides storage for scenery and props. A large overhead coiling door into the scenery/prop area and then another at the stage allows for large items to be brought onto the stage with relative ease.